Global focus : “IS-K” Islamic State of Korasan
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"IS-K" Islamic State of Korasan
The bombing at Hamidฟรีเครดิตทดลองเล่นสล็อตKazai International Airport in the Afghan capital Kabul has given rise to the global name "IS-K" or "ISIS-K" or "Islamic State of Korasan".
incident condition It clearly shows the ruthlessness and cold-bloodedness of this group of “Mujahideen” who intend to “destroy” regardless of their goal. It will include innocent women and children. go in with a lot
Just as long as he had attained the intent to create fear and panic, that would be enough.
The incident reflects IS-K's "potential" for terrorism, while raising questions about whether in the near future When Afghanistan fell under the rule of the Taliban regime
IS-K will grow and expand rapidly. and become a greater danger For the whole world?
Initial responses by many terrorist experts concur: There is an extremely high probability. that history will repeat itself with the case of Al Qaeda militias in Afghanistan more than 20 years ago.
who rose to the highest power under the rule of the Taliban regime By planning and executing one of the world's largest terrorist operations, 9/11 was a success.
9/11 was an “export operation” from Afghanistan. great success
When Al Qaeda can, why can't IS-K take a similar action?
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